Sunday, November 07, 2004

I am so tired, I can just barely focus enough to type. Sundays are really hard when you're in church work. It's not at all unusual for me to have a 10-12 hour day on Sunday. Of course, having infinite flexibility for hours during the week kinda helps to balance it out. My problem is that that same infinite flexibility seems to mean that I'm free to work all the overtime I can squeeze in, whether it's a good idea or not.

Balance is just such a challenge in our lives today. The people I know who seemed the most balanced don't seem to be nearly driven enough to survive in today's society. I think I'm just pemanently warped. At least I'm not alone.

Oh well. I'm obviously rambling. I have homework and housework to do, but I don't think I'm really coherent enough to do anything. I expect that I would actually have to re-do it all tomorrow, so I think I'll give up and actually go to bed at a reasonable hour. What a concept.