Saturday, January 06, 2007

Things are really wierd in my world these days.
--In November, I got the choice on my job to either quit, be fired, or continue with a sizable chunk of the church and youth parents opposed to me. That's not precisely how it was put, but that's what it boiled down to. And the quitting was wrapped in the option of pushing harder to get my own church to pastor, which is really what I want to do. So that's the option that I chose. But, even though I'm in a 'transitional' phase, I'm still doing the same job, plus 'other duties as required' to 'gain some experience' and also reassure the ones who want me gone that I'm really leaving. The hard part is staying engaged with the kids while I get ever more ready to move on.
--In the week between Christmas & New Year's, my son got his driver's license. He's my youngest, so we are now in the early stages of empty nest. Because, you know that as soon as kids get wheels, they are pretty much gone. It seems very strange around our house sometimes in the evenings and on weekends. And when his girlfriend is allowed to actually date starting next month, I expect that things will get even wierder.
--My daughter took her first road trip this weekend. She and a friend drove to Dallas for a couple of days to visit another friend. And, I know, she's in college and it's totally appropriate for her to do stuff like that. But the first time they take off on a long trip it's hard. I guess it might be easier if she had to travel several hours instead of just one to go back and forth to school, but I don't think so. But the trip went fine and she got home OK, except she's kind of sick and we're hoping it's not the flu. She goes back to college tomorrow and starting the semester with the flu is not going to help her grades at all.

On a personal note, I've really gotten back into knitting again. In fact, I'm kind of expanding my horizons a little bit. This year I plan to really explore socks, since that seems to be the big thing, and lace. I took my first sock class this week and it went pretty well. In 2 weeks I'm starting a class on Victorian Lace. I'm really excited about that.