Monday, July 28, 2008

Ordinary Day

Things are quiet around here this week. DD is back at school, tied up with Rush Week prep and then Rush itself, so I don't expect to hear much from her this week. In fact, she's so busy, we're dog sitting this week and next week. I must admit granddog is much better than she used to be, but we still have to watch her every minute because you just never know when she's going to find something to chew up. It's almost like having a destructive toddler in the house. Fortunately, she has a winning personality, probably the only thing that keeps her alive.

DS is off to Kentucky for a mission trip. Little does he know that I have been playing with the new Xbox360 while he's been gone. Those things are so addictive! It's a good thing I'll have to fight him for time on the box when he gets home or I would never get anything done. :-) DH and I have been moving furniture, etc., so DS may not even recognize the place when he gets home.

I've been in a real knitting funk lately. I still enjoy it immensely when I pick up the needles, but I'm just having trouble getting myself to pick them up. Burnout maybe. OTN: triangular prayer shawl and green clerical stole in metallic rayon

Must go clean the dehydrator now, so I can put some apples and peaches on and then run errands and start sermon for next Sunday.