Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Boy, did I sound whiny last week. Of course, nothing's changed (yet), I just feel embarrassed for being so whiny about it all.

That's especially ironic when I realize that my youth message last Sunday was about the fact that as people of faith we really don't have to walk alone. Nor do we have to carry all our burdens on our own. Funny, isn't it, how often when we speak to other people we are really talking to ourselves. Maybe that's why so many disfunctional people I know are studying to be therapists, counselors, or social workers. I know for sure that the best ministers, theologians and spiritual directors are the ones who are still seeking themselves. Moybe feeling like you're an expert on something doesn't really give you all the answers, it just means that you're out of touch.

On a personal note, my poor husband has been working on upgrading our home computer now since Saturday. And it's not like he's an amateur or anything. He runs a computer processing center for a major bank. But this PC has just been acting Twilight-Zone level weird. He was up until 4 a.m. Monday morning and then worked on it all day yesterday. Good thing he waited until a holiday weekend to start working on it.