Saturday, January 13, 2007

Snowed in for the weekend, maybe. We still haven't heard whether or not church is cancelled for tomorrow. Frankly, I hope that it will be because that will give us a whole weekend. Of course, we may kill each other before it's over, but we may also actually get some stuff done around the house. That would be amazing. I already managed to finish one of my library books this morning, and I think I can get lots of reading and knitting done, if nothing else.

this was supposed to be a really chock-full weekend. In fact, I was scheduled to basically be a 2 places at once pretty much the whole time. But, instead of spending the weekend on the road driving back and forth between the two, I'm snuggled up at home with husband and son and a fire in the fireplace. Daughter is, of course, snowed in at school, but she doesn't have to work today so she can stay cozy, too.

It's kind of funny. She loves literature and has a lot of talent for it and for teaching, but she really resisted becoming an English major in college just because that's what I did. But, after going through 2 or 3 other majors, guess where she's ended up? And she's really excited about her first lit survey class topics. How ironic is that? I may have to re-read Beowulf just to keep up my end of the conversation.