Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have almost come to the conlusion that there are too many ways to communicate out there! As a Twitter addict, I've got the short, stream-of-consciousness snippets covered. And since they are linked to both Facebook and Blogger, I can update all three at once. For longer snips (is that the longer version of snippets?) I can go directly to Facebook. By the time I've covered those, the well is kind of dry so I don't know what to put on Blogger that is both longer and still worthwhile. I am not nearly egotistical enough to think that anyone is that interested in every detail of my life. Nor do I think you all want to see the rough drafts/emerging thoughts for my sermons and my school papers. For devotional stuff, I prefer to write in a paper journal--although that is fast becoming a jumbled commonplace book. Just posting my sermons also seems egotistical.
Of course, all of this presumes that someone actually reads this blog. Not all that likely, really, considering all the blogs there are in the world today.
So maybe I'm just talking to myself. Wouldn't be the first time.